Vision and Mission


Reversing the process of desertification and ensuring balancing mechanism in Natural resources for better Health, Education & Economic conditions of the Society.


Effective Utilization & Management of Natural resources by using up to date technologies and Establishment of Marketing facilities through empowerment of people’s institutions and its networking with unique attention on excluded communities Particularly on Children & Gender inequity in the society.


The organization has defined some objectives and has been working to reaching those objectives in the Society. The cleared objectives are as follows;

  1. To diffuse the useful knowledge among the people in the society.
  2. To undertake development programs in the field of agriculture, health, Education, sanitation and Development of Natural resources by the adaptation of in Eco-friendly Development farm marketing system.
  3. To Develop CPRs for better livelihood of rural people by Establishment of Marketing and support of Govt. schemes.
  4. To bringing Children & Gender equity in all stages of development activities.
  5. 5. To protect Women & Child rights against violence, harassment and sexual exploitation.
  6. To carry out all the Development Activities through concerned CBOs and its networking.
  7. To do such all other lawful acts, deeds and things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of objects or any of them.
  8. To all the above objects are in without any profit motive of individuals.