Funds Mobilization

The Executive staff of the organization is act as funds mobilization Committee in the organization. The committee has met once in a month and review of the implementing programs as well as on fund mobilization for the organization. The committee will be organized separately for discussing on new projects submission and follow up. By these efforts of the committee, the organization has been getting financial supports for Development programs in the organization. The organization 5 years financial turnover has given in the bellow;

Mobilization of funds for last five years
S.No For financial year From To Amounts
1 As per Audited Accounts 2015 2016 58,71,765/-
2 As per Audited Accounts 2016 2017 1,01,00,000/-
3 As per Audited Accounts 2017 2018 1,14,02,260/-
4 As per Audited Accounts 2018 2019 2,13,64,739 /-
5 As per Audited Accounts 2019 2020 2,00,67,799 /-
Total 6,80,86,563 /-